How it works

Complaint tracking system allows students of IITM to submit any complaint regarding academics, faculty, infrastructure and library. Students need to register themselves and login for submitting a complaint. When a student submits a complaint she/he can also track its status.

Benefits of Complaint Tracking System

  • Ease of use

    The Complaint Tracking System allows submission of a complaint at one click. You get all kinds of options available on a single web page

  • Confidentiality

    The submission of complaints remains fully confidential and transparent. Only the person in charge of resolving the complaint will know your identity.

  • Saves your time

    You need not go to different persons for submitting your complaint. Also your complaint will also be resolved as early as possible.

Stories Of Complaint Tracking System

Lots of students have benefitted from Complaint Tracking System.

Contact At Complaint Tracking System

If you have any queries kindly contact us.




** Students should enter their Enrollment Number as User ID.
Password for students is also their Enrollment number for first time login.
Then the password can be changed through 'Update Profile' link.