The Cell provides a platform to carry out software development
activities in the contemporary areas of computer science and IT to
the students and faculty members.

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Upcoming Events

April 2, 2022
Website Design Competition
Do you love your art and have a tick for creativity? Showcase your creativity by designing a static website. Details will be provided by this weekend.
1 May 2022
SDC presents <we_hack>'22. Coding Competition for Coders by Coders. There will be three phase.
1) Coding Round
2) Ideation and Prototype Submission Round
3) Onsite Presentation
11 June 2022
Workshop - Frontend Master
The front-end developer is a fundamental part of any web team, working closely with back-end developers. Learn more about it and interact with a Frontend Developer
Our Team

Web developer and a coding enthusiast who loves to spend time with algorithms and to solve technical problems.

Shubham Kapoor

Computer Science Student. I love to play with shapes and colours. I contribute and push limits of our Web Development team and Design Team.

Bhavishya Arora

Multi Tasker & Artist. I plan! Planning is an art form for an unforgettable event. Décor – Food – Party management. Yes! We party hard because we work hard too!

Vanshika Mahajan

Creator & Coder. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological projects. I use my positive attitude and tireless energy to learn something new and encourage others to work hard.

Himanshi Sharma

As a content writer, I prepare a content which is more reliable and relevant. I like to research on articles and blog posts and generating ideas for new content types.

Anurag Rawat

Sometimes I make websites from HTML so good that CSS is not required later. Whatever new I learn, I definitely apply that to my work so it makes the overall project updated and appeasing.

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